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Scansoft Dragon NaturallySpeaking  Legal  & Professional
Scansoft Dragon Naturally Speaking 8 voice recognition software in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and German. Speech recognition for doctors, lawyers, translators, physicians, attorneys, translators. Available as professional, medical and legal editions. Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8 voice recognition increases your productivity.

              Nuance Premier Solutions Partner for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12

Order Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional and Preferred 8.0 and Olympus DS 4000 voice recorders online  (shop currently in German only)
Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 Spracherkennung für Ärzte, und Rechtsanwälte

Professional Voice RecognitionDragon Naturally Speaking 12 with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12

LinguaConsult is specialised in Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Professional and Legal as well as Dragon Medical 11 voice recognition software which facilitates the daily work of the lawyer, solicitor, judge, attorney, doctor / physician, both in hospitals and private clinics, dentist, psychologist, accountant, auditor, journalist, editor, author, translator, surveyor and the scientist. Dragon Naturally Speaking 12.0 is also suitable for other professionals and functions in large corporation, small businesses, government agencies and authorities, even for advanced students writing their doctoral theses.

Faster Text Input with Dragon Naturally Speaking 12

Most people speak at a pace of 120 or more words per minute (wpm) which translates into at least 7200 words per hour, but can only type around 45-50 wpm. With Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional Edition 12 speech recognition software  you can speed up yout text input!

No more Painful Typing

And for some of us this not only means accelerating the work flow, but also providing relief for our hands and forearms. If you suffer from tenosynovitis the Pro edition of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 is the right solution for you - handsfree input of text and complete control of your PC. Your business reports, medical transcriptions or legal correspondence can now be created and edited without pain. 

99 % Accuracy possible with Dragon 12

Give your hands a rest and dictate into your computer. Dictation spares your hands - any corrections necessary (Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional or Legal 12 gives you up to 99% accuracy!) can be performed by your secretary or personal assistant when using Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 Professional Solutions.

Mobility with Voice Recorders and Dragon 12

Totally mobile: If you want to dictate a text and you are away from your office and computer you can use a digital voice recorder from Olympus or Philips and later on upload your dictation onto the computer.

Not just in English - there are also German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch Versions!

Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 Professional is available in many languages: in addition to English (the “international” edition) there are German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch language versions. All versions include English as a second dictating language, the Dutch version even includes French and German.

You can order Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 Professional online in our Shop. Currently the shop is in German only, but you can also order by fax (+49 721 96845-83) or email. In our Shop we also offer additional products for use with Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 -  digital voice recorders (e.g. DS-5000, Philips Pocket Memo 9600) and microphones.